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Our Team

The Allens Training Team is passionate about delivering a quality experience and service to our clients. We have two offices in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast and our National Support Centre is based in Goulburn, New South Wales.

Our professional team are focused on ensuring your complete satisfaction. 

As we continue to expand we actively encourage our team to grow professionally and upgrade their learning through our educational assistance program. 


Allens Training - Queensland

Our training centre is centrally located in Birtinya adjacent to The Oceanside Health Hub and Sunshine Coast Health Campus.  This 17-hectare precinct is purpose built to accommodate complementary businesses and includes the Sunshine Coast University Hospital, which incorporates the Sunshine Coast Health Institute. 

You can visit our Sunshine Coast website at www.allensfirstaid.com.au


Lisa Charlson - Marketing and Partnerships Manager

Lisa is an excellent project manager and takes a pragmatic approach to business. Ensuring staff, trainers, and of course clients of Allens Training are all satisfied is her key priority. Lisa looks at new opportunities for Partners and works closely with the Partnership Team when on-boarding new Partners.

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Business and Master in Public Relations.

Jennifer Purse - Reception and Administration

Jennifer’s key quality is adaptability, which has allowed her to become a ‘jill of all trades’. Her experience, mainly in the telecommunications industry, includes customer service, technical support, customer service and systems training, accounts, and credit management. Jennifer brings to Allens Training her customer service skills, professional manner, positive attitude, and her attention to detail, an important requirement to have when working for an RTO. 




Allens Training - New South Wales

Our National Support Centre is located in Goulburn NSW

The team working out of this office are listed below:



Helen - Managing Director

Helen has extensive experience in the first aid and WHS training industry. As Managing Director of Allens Training, she continues to steer and develop the overall growth of the company. As well as this, Helen is responsible for the development and support of business relationships with new and existing partners in Australia.

Brooke - Quality Manager

Brooke provides support to the Compliance Manager and General Manager to ensure Allens Training continues to provide high quality training. Brooke has just completed her Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Diploma of Management and Diploma of Business Administration.

Contacting Brooke would be in relation to general course enquiries, questions and assistance.


Maree - Partnership Applications, RPL and Course Management Officer

Maree looks after processing your partnership application once it has been lodged online. She is an expert in understanding ASQA standards as they relate to Trainers and Assessors and will guide you through the application process.

Maree is also responsible for management of our qualification courses including recognition of prior learning (RPL) applications. Maree has recently completed her Diploma of WHS.

Contacting Maree would be in relation to your partnership application, status in qualification training courses as well as applications for RPL.


Ashlea - Course Management and USI Officer

Ashlea is responsible for management of our qualification courses, aswell as this Ashlea also provides support to trainers and students for the Unique Student Identified (USI). Ashlea has recently enrolled into the Diploma of Business, Business Administration and Management.

Contacting Ashlea would be in relation to your status in qualification training courses as well as any issues, questions or enquiries in regards to the Unique Student Identifier (USI).



Lauren - Certificate Production

Lauren works alongside Danica and is responsible for processing certificates and requests for certificate re-issues.

Contacting Lauren would be in relation to course processing issues or questions relating to course submission, issuing of certificates and requests for reprints.



Hannah - Reception

Hannah is the receptionist for the National Support Centre in Goulburn and is the friendly face and voice of our business. Hannah manages all calls to the National Support Centre while also completing important record keeping requirements.

Contacting Hannah would be in relation to day to day phone calls, enquiries for Goulburn Public course and any Face to Face Whitecard courses and associated enquiries.


Peter - Stores Dispatch Officer

Peter is responsible for the smooth coordination and dispatching of stores, any paperwork or course material that is ordered will get to you as fast as it can with Peters efficient packing.





Allens Training - Noosa

We have a second Queensland office located in Noosa QLD.

The team working out of this office are listed below:



Jim - General Manager

Jim has nearly 30 years experience as a paramedic. He has extensive experience in the development and compliance of Registered Training Organisations and recently completed Management and Auditing qualifications. Jim is responsible for the operation of Allens Training Pty Ltd.




Kylie - Design and Development Officer

With a background in design Kylie is responsible for the development  of a range of promotional corporate styling and branding. Kylie also designs and develops training resources and business materials.



Jimmy Allen - Business Development and Compliance

With a background in policing and policy, Jimmy is excellent at building relationships and ensuring Allens Training clients receive superior service.

Having recently completed a Bachelor or Laws, he takes particular expertise in legislation and compliance matters. He has an excellent understanding of ASQAs Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 and how these apply to the day to day operations of the business.

He ensures that the compliance and regulatory matters are managed so that our partners and trainers can focus on delivering great training. 


Jacqui Lassau - Queensland Client Services Coordinator

Jacqui is a perfectionist and persists until there is nothing more to be done. She has been working in the First Aid industry for more than six years and has excellent knowledge of First Aid courses and the industry in general. If you have a question about one of our courses or any other request Jacqui is here to help. 

Our small but efficient team on the Sunshine Coast are supported by the National Allens Training Team.

Tracy - Operations and Compliance Manager

Tracy is the Operations and Compliance Manager for the Goulburn Head Office. She is also responsible for the compliance operations of Allens Training and provides administration support to the General Manager.

Contacting Tracy would be in relation to any compliance concerns or general operations at the Goulburn Head Office.


Kristie - Trainer Development Manager

Kristie is responsible for administration regarding partnership agreements, professional development and trainer status. 

Contacting Kristie would be in relation to becoming a new partner, updating your partner details or submitting your yearly Professional Development.



Kaitlin - Client and Services Coordinator

Kaitlin is responsible for the management and development of direct clients and employee instructors in Australia. She also assists with project work as required. Kaitlin has recently finished completing her Diploma of Business Administration, Diploma of Management, Certificate IV WHS and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Contacting Kaitlin would be in relation to group training bookings in your area, questions relating to partner stores orders, and stores replacements. She also managed room hire in our Goulburn training centre.


Leah - Administrative and Course Officer

Leah is responsible for a number of administrative roles in the Head Office. Leah is in the process of learning tasks including course processing, data entry, telephone handling and also Unique Student Identified (USI) support processes.

Leah has recently started her traineeship in Certificate III in Business Administration.

Contacting Leah would be in relation to course processing issues or questions relating to course submission, issuing of certificates and requests for reprints.



Danica - Certificate Coordinator

Danica is responsible for processing certificates; she holds a great responsibility to get all students their certificates with her undivided attention to providing you with fastest possible turnaround times for certificates. Danica has recently completed her Certificate III in Business Administration.

Contacting Danica would be in relation to course processing issues or questions relating to course submission, issuing of certificates and requests for reprints.


Ashlee - White Card Administrator

Ashlee is our Whitecard Administrator, she deals with all construction induction whitecard courses for all states. Ashlee has recently completed her Certificate III in Business Administration.

Contacting Ashlee would be in relation to any of the online whitecard courses and associated enquiries.



Nick - Stores Dispatch Officer

Nick works alongside Peter and helps with the coordination and dispatching of any stores that are placed for course materials.









Mardi - Accounts Manager

Mardi is directly responsible for Allens Trainings accounts; she deals on a day to day basis ensuring that all accounts are up to date and in a smooth running process. On top of this Mardi is our jack of all trades giving great support to all staff members in every position.




Marita - Bookkeeping Officer

Marita is responsible for all bookkeeping activities associated within our accounts department. Marita gives great support to our Accounts Manager to ensure all accounts are processed efficiently.





Cait - Administration Assistant

Cait is responsible for providing efficient administration support to both the Accounts department and the Course Development team. She is taking an increased role in website maintenance to ensure that clients and partners have access to the most up to date information and documentation from our website at all times.