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Explaining Triage in First Aid

Last week we received an interesting question from a student completing their First Aid Online

In a multi casualty situation, when the rescuers a...

When First Aid Training Becomes Real!

Whilst tens of thousands of people learn the vital and life saving First Aid skills, it is indeed fortunate that many do not have to practice these skills...

Mines Trainer Charged by Police

In a newspaper article over the weekend, a Rockhampton based trainer has been charged by the QLD Police with a number of fraud and forge...

Partner delivers Life Saving Lesson

Gary Woolrich owns Cairns First Aid Training Service . He is an Allens Training Partner. Gary was delivering a first aid course at the Cairns RSL when he ...

Starting CPR

The Australian Resuscitation Council states that CPR should be started if the victim is unresponsive and not breathing normally. Even if the victim take...

New course Accredited

Provide first aid in a remote location SISOOPS305A

Abnormal Breathing and CPR

We recently received a question requesting elaboration on Äbnormal Breathing" as it relates to CPR
The Australian Resuscit...

Our New Website

We would like to welcome you to our new Allens Training website. Our new look reflects a fresh approach to our business and ensures that we can deliver an...

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Video From Heart Foundation Australia

 This is a great video regarding the warning signs of a Heart Attack from the Australian Heart Foundation. An excellent resource for First Aid Trainers.

Thanks to the Australian Heart Foundation