291 drowning deaths in Australia (July 2016-June 2017)!

Thursday 25 January 3:30 PM

Only allow your child near a pool if you are able to stay and supervise.

The National Drowning Report for 2017 states that there were “291 drowning deaths in aquatic locations across Australia (July 2016-June 2017)”. This information reflects that there has been an “increase of 9 drowning deaths (or 3%) since 2015/16”. It also shows an “increase of 10 deaths (or 4%) on the 10 year average of 281 drowning deaths”.

These are scary statistics, with drowning also being the number one cause of death for children under five in Australia.

In Australia, children under five drown in:

·         baths – 7, beach – 1, dams and lakes – 2, rivers, creeks and oceans – 1, swimming pools - 13 and other – 5

Alarmingly, from these statistics, falls into water account for 76% of drowning deaths in children under five.

Knowing what to do in a drowning emergency is vital to assisting kids and adults. Refer to the Allens Training picture attached in relation to First Aid treatment for Drowning. Do not attempt a water rescue beyond your swimming ability. Roll casualty onto their side to check and clear the airway. Perform CPR as required. Treat other injuries as required. Medical assistance after first aid should always be sought, even if the casualty seems to have fully recovered. Complications sometime after immersion are common.


  • Always supervise children within arm’s reach when in and around the water.
  • Never leave another child responsible for a young child in a swimming pool or spa
  • Learn infant and child resuscitation.
  • Ensure the pool gate is always closed and never propped or left open.
  • Display a CPR chart near the pool or spa.

KidSafe NSW have a fantastic Swimming Pool Safety Fact Sheet available for download. This is something we recommend you download and go over with your family and kids, of any age - www.kidsafensw.org/imagesDB/wysiwyg/SwimmingPoolSafetyKL2009_2.pdf

For further information please refer to the below:
https://kidshealth.schn.health.nsw.gov.au/swimming-pool-and-spa-safety   https://www.royallifesaving.com.au/__data/assets/.../RLS_NDR2017_ReportLR.pdf