8 Reasons to Take Short Courses Online

Wednesday 18 October 3:00 AM

The Australian economy changes constantly, and the job market has been changing along with it. For example, the construction industry is booming throughout the country, but it is clear that there is a bit of a labour shortage. The need for workers with specialised training and experience has increased 

The question is, should you take a short course online? Well, that all depends on you, your goals, and how you prefer to learn. Some people prefer learning online, while others prefer learning in a classroom with an instructor. However, taking a short course online has a few advantages and is worth considering. Continue reading to learn more about why you should consider a short certification course online.


The Construction Industry is Booming


In different parts of Australia, provincial governments are increasing funding for infrastructure growth. For example, Victoria committed around $2 billion to the road sector and $2 billion to the railroad sector alone. The increase in infrastructure means more jobs and a shortage of workers, which makes the market is more of an employee’s job market rather than an employer’s market.


However, you may be thinking that this is great news for labourers, but what about other job markets? The increase in infrastructure means more jobs in other areas such as healthcare, childcare, and even manufacturing. An increase in one industry in a certain geographical location typically attracts more workers to that area, causing more jobs to be created.


When one area starts booming, the population starts growing, creating a variety of new job openings and opportunities for everyone, which means taking a short online course and training is a great opportunity for anyone looking for one.


Get the Certifications You Need without Taking on Student Debt


Some degrees cost students as much as $75,000 in some cases, whereas a short course costs pennies in comparison to that figure, and could quickly land you a decent job in a booming area. Students often go into debt to obtain their degrees and typically have difficulties finding steady employment in their field. And, first year grads that do end up landing a job are paid considerably less than those who obtain a job working in a trade.


A short course of any kind is a great way to add more qualifications and skills to your resume and gets you job-ready (and in a decent paying position in a very short amount of time, without breaking the bank by putting you in an insane amount of debt. Some short courses can be done online in a matter of hours and less than a day, depending on the course. Additionally, if you don’t pass your course, you won’t have thousands of dollars in debt, and you can always take the training again without going into debt as well.


Increase Your Salary


Since taking a short certification training course online is cheaper, faster, and can get you into a job fairly quickly. Another benefit of being certified to work in a trade is that you can expect to see an increase in your salary, especially if you already work in a related field.


Having any additional certifications (that you took in your personal time) is something a lot of employers like to see, which could mean a salary increase and/or a promotion. Many of these different courses can easily be built into your existing skill set and trade, and if you’re in the market for a new job, these certifications would make employers want to hire you because they won’t need to pay for your certifications—you will already have them. 


Get International Recognition


Depending on the institution that provides your online short course, the course and training you take could have international recognition. What does this mean for you? This could open up a plethora of job opportunities abroad for you, which could also mean even higher pay (in areas where there is a significant labour shortage), opportunities to travel and experience other cultures, and access to jobs that may not have a lot of openings in Australia at the time.


Either way, investing in short certification courses could be the better way for some people, especially since dropout rates from many university courses is quite high. Despite what many people believe, University is not for everyone, which is why the dropout rate is as high as it is. Some people are more hands-on, which is why more people could benefit from taking trade certification courses online.


No Need to Take Time off Work


If you’re currently working and are looking to upskill or add more qualifications to your resume, then a beneficial aspect of taking a short course on the web is that you can do it from home (in your pyjamas if you wish) without taking time off work and losing pay. Or, you won’t have to try and work and juggle night courses in order to get your certifications.


No Extra Travel or Other Expenses


Since you won’t need to travel to another location, there’s no need for you to worry about paying for that extra petrol, parking, or possible accommodation when you take a course online. In fact, the only out-of-pocket expense you need to worry about is the fee you pay for the online course!


Learn at Your Own Pace


If you’re taking a course that requires a few hours of work or study, then the nice thing about doing it online is that you can work on it when you have the time. There is no need to try and make your life work around night or evening classes on top of your regular job and everything else you need to do.


You can study and learn, and take the test when you are ready and not when someone else tells you that you need to be ready. Online learning provides a flexibility that in many cases university cannot provide.


Job Security


Trade jobs will not be going away any time soon, but depending on the market, you may need to be a little flexible and be willing to move, if necessary. While infrastructure markets like Victoria are hot right now, that could eventually change and possibly even slow down. However, at the same time that the job growth market slows down in one area, it will most likely be up in another area, which means you could land a job before the current one ends, but you may need to commute or move to accommodate your new employment.


Point being, if you’re flexible you will most likely have a lot of great job opportunities, which is important. You will need to keep your certifications up to date, and sometimes they may need to be renewed each year. At any rate, the costs for recertifying are nominal in comparison to university expenses.


Common Entry-Level Online Short Courses


Now that we’ve covered the reasons to consider online learning for the trades, let’s take a quick look at some of the more common entry-level courses taken online.


White Card Training


With the boom and increased demand for construction workers, the demand for white card courses has increased and is probably one of the more popular short courses taken on the web right now.

Responsible Service of Alcohol

Anyone looking to work in the service industry will benefit greatly from having this certificate before walking into their next job interview.

Childcare First Aid

Major cities and booming areas will always be in need of responsible and certified childcare workers, so adding the first aid portion to your resume will definitely make you more employable. Although a portion of this course must be completed face-to-face many providers offer an online component as pre-course study to allow the face-to-face component to be delivered in a slightly shorter timeframe.

First Aid

Whether you work in construction, manufacturing, or pretty much any other job that may have potential hazards, first aid training is always a valuable skill to have. In fact, a lot of companies require it, or end up sending their employees to get their first aid certificate. You’ll be ahead of other applicants if you have up to date first aid training on your resume. Although a portion of this course must be completed face-to-face many providers offer an online component as pre-course study to allow the face-to-face component to be delivered in a slightly shorter timeframe.

Traffic Control

With road construction, there is always a need for traffic controllers. This may not be for everyone, but even if you’re a construction worker, adding this to your resume may help you stay working during down times, and will tell potential employers that you have a diverse skillset that you can readily apply when required. 

Taking a short course could be one of the best ways of securing a permanent job faster without breaking the bank or taking on high amounts of debt for a degree that may or may not land you a job, or land you a job that pays well. While getting a university education is great, it is not for everyone, as previously mentioned. Working in a trade field of some kind generally has limitless opportunities, especially in areas where more infrastructure funding has been allocated.

If you are looking to secure a job in the trades, we recommend first doing some research to see which areas will provide a majority of the job opportunities. The next thing you will need to decide on is which field you want to work in. You may not be interested in childcare, but you may have an interest in working in the construction trade, in which case you will want to consider getting your white card online to ensure you are job-ready as quickly as possible.