Additional measures to reduce fraudulent certificates

Friday 16 May 1:50 PM

Recently we have had cases of fraudulently issued first aid certificates reported to us. Speaking to other Registered Training Organisations, they have also had similar experiences which unfortunately shows that this is an ongoing issue for our industry.

Allens Training has several security features embedded into our certificates which are not necessarily apparent to those who create fraudulent certificates. One of those features is the certificate number which is unique to each student and cannot be replicated. The certificate number is the main tool that is used to verify our certificates through our online certificate verification process. Click here to access the verification process which is easy for both students and employers to use.

If a trainer takes money from a student and issues a fraudulent certificate that is not a valid statement of attainment issued by an RTO, he/she is committing fraud. This is a serious offence and can carry a jail sentence if found guilty.

Many organisations also require verification of a student’s qualification as part of their internal processes and a number of employers check with RTO’s such as Allens Training for confirmation that they have actually issued that certificate. In these cases, the fraudulent certificate is picked up very quickly and immediately handed onto Police for investigation.

Two recent examples that have been reported to us and passed on to the Police are:

  • A student who was issued a first aid certificate for a security position attempted to verify her certificate through our online system. She contacted our office as the system higlighted an issue. It was found to be a fraudulent certificate. This affected not only her application for the security position, but the validity of her security licence itself was also jeopardised as it is part of the licencing requirements to hold a First Aid certificate.
  • A childcare centre who received asthma and anaphyalxis training and was issued fraudulent certificates attempted to verify their certificates with us in preparation for a scheduled audit. As you know the requirements for childcare centres are very strict now, so this case puts the childcare centre at risk of closure with the audit just one week away.

You can see from the above two cases, not only are those who are issuing false certificates breaking the law – they are also seriously jeopardising the employment and livelihood of the individuals they are defrauding. It is an issue that blemishes the reputation of the entire VET industry.

We are taking this issue very seriously and whilst there are already many checks and balances in place when Allens Training issues a certificate, we are now also in the process of implementing further controls to protect the Allens Training brand from this crime. We will be including a QR code on each certificate that will  be unique to the student and cannot be edited in any way. We are aiming to have this implemented by the end of this month.

We want to thank our partners who continue to support us in doing the right thing and providing quality training.