Allens Training Snake Bite Kit

Tuesday 07 November 12:32 PM

ALLENS TRAINING SNAKE BITE KIT – With the new and revolutionary ‘AeroForm Premium Snake Bite Bandage with Indicator’. ONLY $20.00 BUY NOW!!

This new bandage provides you with indicators showing when the correct level of compression is achieved, making helping out in a snake bite situation that much easier and stress free!

With the weather warming up across Australia, snakes are becoming more and more active – We want to help you be prepared.

In Australia we sees around 3000 snake bites per year, from these around 300 receive anti-venom and on average, 1-2 of these bites prove fatal.

Basic First Aid knowledge, alongside one of our ‘Allens Training Snake Bite Kits’ can assist you to provide lifesaving help to a stranger or loved one.
- Call an ambulance straight away
- Ensure it is safe before assisting the casualty
- Apply the Pressure Immobilisation Technique
- Apply a splint or sling to the limb to restrict movement
- If the bite is on the trunk of the body, apply firm pressure to the bitten area, however, do not restrict chest movement.

Each Kit Contains:
- Box with instructions
- One 7.5cm X 4M Conforming bandage
- One 10cm X 10M Snake Bite Bandage with indicator
- One Triangular Bandage

- To buy one of these wonderful packs, please visit our online shop here.

- To read more about the ‘AeroForm Premium Snake Bite Bandage with Indicator’, please see here.

- To download a copy of our PDF ‘Snake Bite’ Chart, please see here.

From the family at Allens Training