Tuesday 16 January 11:13 AM

Providing first did isn’t just providing treatment for physical conditions, it can also be helping those who may need assistance mentally.

With the recent sad news of the tragic death of 14 year old Dolly Everett in NT Australia, The Dolly’s Dream Foundation has been set up. This charity group has been established by family and friends of Dolly Everett.  Dolly was the victim of bullying, and ended her own life at the young age of 14.

In remembrance to Dolly, and to facilitate positive change for other young lives, the Dolly’s Dream Foundation aims to provide support to charity groups through fundraising and promotion. If you wish to donate to this cause, donations can be made on their go fund me page here -

Allens Training have a recently been approved to deliver a new training course - CHCCCS019 - Recognise and respond to crisis situations. This course has been designed to help recognise situations where people may be in imminent crisis, and then to work collaboratively to minimise any safety concerns and make plans to access required support services.

By learning skills to identify crisis situations, address safety concerns, provide referral support, care for self and more you may gain some valuable tips for helping persons in the future.

Together we can keep Dolly’s dream for a better world alive.

The family at Allens Training

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