Good aspects of the USI system

Friday 03 July 2:45 PM

 Previously we have sent broadcasts informing students of cases of fraudulently issued certificates, including cases where our own certificates were fraudulently reproduced. This has been a serious issue for our sector, and more recently the tertiary sector has also experienced similar issues where course work and even fake degrees have been purchased through an overseas website.

Recently one of our long standing partners contacted us with an example of how the introduction of the USI has been a great initiative for the VET industry, and in particular how it will help to reduce cases of fraudulent certificates.

This particular case involved one of her clients who operates a child care centre. As you would all be aware, the regulations for the child care sector are very specific in regards to the training that workers must hold for first aid. This client contacted the RTO that they completed their First Aid Training with as they had lost their original copies, only to be informed that they were not valid certificates and had been fradulently produced.This of course meant that the child care centre could have faced serious repurcussions of their own if they were audited by ACECQA for compliance as they did not hold valid qualifications.

The USI system will serve to advantange all stakeholders in these cases, including clients. They can be assured that their training is being delivered by appropriate trainers through an RTO in cases where the USI is being collected and validated.