It just takes one prick…

Friday 15 August 12:58 PM

You’re walking in your local park when you see something glint from the grass nearby.  Curious, you look a little closer and see a syringe.  The playground is about 5metres away and the public toilets are even closer.  You’re horrified at the potential harm of this simple but carelessly discarded device.  What do you do? 

Do you know how to safely handle and dispose of sharps such as discarded syringes?  What about used bandages with blood or bodily fluids on them?  With just one prick a syringe could infect you with a disease or a nasty virus like HIV.  If you work in a job that frequently exposes you to sharps, the chances that you may get a needlestick injury are even higher.

Learn how to safely handle and dispose of sharps and infectious waste in our nationally accredited course.  You will learn vital skills and knowledge on how to recognise sharps, evaluate risks and implement control measures to facilitate the safe removal of sharps and other material that may be contaminated with blood and body fluids. 

The course is intended for people working in the following job role(s) where contact with sharps and infectious waste is likely:

  • Council rangers
  • Parks and City Service
  • Domestic and Commercial Cleaners
  • Medical staff and first aid officers (remote areas e.g. mine sites)
  • Waste and recycling collection and processing staff
  • Transport & Rail Maintenance Staff

The course runs over one day and you will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment certificate. There are no pre-requisites and no pre-course study is required. 

Please note that this course is available for GROUP BOOKINGS ONLY.  

Arm yourself with the knowledge to prevent serious harm.  For more information on the Course in safe handling of sharps and infectious waste 10340NAT visit our website: