Mines Trainer Charged by Police

Monday 10 February 3:47 PM


In a newspaper article over the weekend, a Rockhampton based trainer has been charged by the QLD Police with a number of fraud and forgery charges after allegedly issuing false qualifications.

The newspaper article states that the accused was producing her own certificates for a number of courses, including workplace health and safety courses. The company is not an RTO and if proved in the courts - well I can only see tears. ASQA also has regulatory authority to impose additional fines on the individual and the company under the NVR Act.

The story hit the newspaper on Saturday. and is also featuring on a number of groups on LinkedIn, therefore your clients might want to talk to you about this news item. The person involved will refute the charges according to a spokesperson for her company. To view the one of news stories, click on the below link:


Additionally, we today received a newsletter from WorkCover NSW where the ICAC has reached a finding of corruption against a heavy vehicle assessor for soliciting and receiving money from applicants in return for falsely certifying that they were competent to drive heavy vehicles.

In this case, a number of individuals who were found to have made payments to the assessor were also facing charges of corruption. Any assessor representing agencies such as WorkCover, or licencing departments such as Roads and Maritime Services are considered to be public officials under the ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption). In addition to the findings of corruption, the case is being referred to the Department of Public Prosecutors for review of criminal charges:


Thankfully both of the above companies involved are NOT an Allens Training partner, however both cases show that those doing the wrong thing in this industry will soon have nowhere to hide. ASQA has regulatory powers under the Act to impose sanctions on non-RTO companies and in cases such as these criminal charges may also apply.