Partner Training Saves Life

Monday 16 June 3:53 PM

 Ray and Christine Wallbank operate Emergency Risk Management Queensland delivering Mines Rescue training as well as first aid courses. Ray has always managed to keep CPR training simple and this encourages students to start CPR without hesitation when required. Below is an extract of a letter just received from one of his students:

"I would just like to thank Ray Walbank for our ERT training days, as it gave me the confidence in the time of need to help save my wife's life.

On my days off  we were going about our day as normal, doing our daily routines, eg washing the clothes and just general cleaning, since we had been away for the Easter long weekend.

My mum got up from the table to leave after visiting and she went to say goodbye to my wife when she saw her collapse and fall to the bedroom floor. Mum yelled out to me that something was wrong with my wife. I raced into the bed room to find her on the floor and not breathing and also starting to turn blue in the face.

I started CPR on my wife until the ambulance arrived which was for around 10 minutes. The ambulance call taker stated to me just to complete compressions. The ambulance arrived and used a defibrillator to get her heart started.

They took her to the general hospital in Kingaroy where they stabilized her and then she was airlifted by helicopter to Brisbane (RBWH).

I am so glad that I decided to do the ERT at my workplace as it helped save my wife's life and would like to Thank-You Ray for the knowledge that saved my wife’s life. She has now gone back to work - working 2 days per week."

Well done Ray for his great training and also to the student for using the skills he learnt - a wonderful story of a life saved.