Survey Winners – Each Month

Wednesday 07 March 10:01 AM

After every training course attended through us – Allens Training, each participant is able to go in the running to win a $50.00 gift card.

By completing one of our courses, we supply each participant with an email copy of their certificate after the course has ran. This email also includes the opportunity to complete an online survey and leave us valuable feedback.

This online survey allows us as a whole to continually grow and learn new ways to assist our student’s needs and wants in these courses.

These surveys are reviewed and actioned daily by our staff members! Actions from these may include, but are not limited to:
-    Changes to practical demonstrations
-    Alternate training courses that we may look to start deliver
-    Changes to paperwork

Monthly, staff then go through these surveys and use a ‘randomise’ application to select a random person from the group. This person then becomes the lucky monthly winner of our $50.00 gift card.

This store/s that this gift card can be used at is changed each month, but thanks one of those lucky persons for helping us with our continuous improvement.

If you complete a course with us – don’t forget to complete your survey, not only are you helping us, but you may be our next lucky winner!

Allens Training