When First Aid Training Becomes Real!

Thursday 27 February 3:03 PM

Whilst tens of thousands of people learn the vital and life saving First Aid skills, it is indeed fortunate that many do not have to practice these skills.

So how would you be after just leaving a first aid course and having to remember and deliver what you have just learnt?

This situation occured yesterday with one of our Partners Marty Evans from Remote Area First Aid. Here is his account of what happened.

This morning the co-ordinator/manager of some of the staff I was training came in with two local fellas that were beaming from ear to ear. 

Yesterday evening a small boy (4-5) was seen in trouble in a billabong in the community where I am training. Another young boy pulled him from the water and called for help. 

The two men that came to his assistance had just finished that afternoon Provide First Aid training with me. 

They said he was not breathing and making slow hiccup sounds. 

They quickly put him in his side. Extended his arm and did the chin lift and faced his mouth down, they said all the water then poured out and he coughed and started breathing again. 

WOW you don't expect that so soon after training. 

The boy was flown to Darwin and word is he will be fine. 

The story is remarkable in that the two men who provided assistance, knew what to do, did not panic, and provided some basic first aid assistance in potentially saving this boys life.

First Aid Training can save lives and as a Trainer there is no better feeling than seeing your students follow through. 

Our team are proud of Marty Evans and his last words as a humble trainer say it all

"Never forget your students get more than a certificate"


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