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CHCPRT001 Identify and respond to children and young people at risk

Information about this course:

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to support and protect children and young people who are at risk of harm. This work occurs within legislative and policy frameworks and carries a duty of care responsibility.


  • There are no prerequisites for this course

Course Duration:

  • Full Course: 7 hours face-to-face training

Target Audience:

  • This unit applies to workers in a range of job roles providing services to children and young people including in community services and health contexts.

Award Issued:

Students who successfully complete this nationally recognised training will be awarded the statement of attainment:
  • CHCPRT001 Identify and respond to children and young people at risk

Precourse Study:

  • There is no precourse study required for this course

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What are my rights and responsibilties as a student?

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All students will be required to show proof of identification at the commencement of the course.

What should I look for when choosing a training provider?

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CHCPRT001 Identify and respond to children and young people at risk - How will I be assessed for this course?

The following assessment tasks are required for this course:

  • This unit uses a Learner Workbook that is completed throughout the training day as the form of assessment. The workbook contains a combination of theory and case study/scenario questions. There is also a major assessment activity completed in the workbook at the end of the training day. 

CHCPRT001 Identify and respond to children and young people at risk - What skills and knowledge will I get from this course?

Required skills:

  • implemented work practices which support the protection of children and young people, including:
  1. complying with  regulations, legislations and duty of care responsibilities
  2. employing child-focused work practices to uphold the rights of children and young people
  3. maintaining confidentiality
  4. providing appropriate responses in the protection of children and young people
  • read and interpreted the procedures for reporting children at risk in line with organisational expectations and legislative requirements.

Required knowledge:

  • indicators of the different types and dynamics of abuse as they may apply to age, gender, disability, culture and sexuality
  • child protection legislation in the relevant state or territory
  • United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • impact of risk of harm
  • duty of care responsibilities
  • trauma-informed care
  • ethical considerations including:
  1. approaches that incorporate the conventions on the rights of the child, and human rights
  2. obligations as defined by the job specification and employing organisation
  3. obligations as stated in relevant codes of practice, licensing, accreditation registration to professional bodies, service agreements
  4. principles of ethical decision-making
  • overview of legal system and how it pertains to the job role, in particular:
  1. child protection system, including reporting protocols, responses to reporting and interagency policies
  2. state/territory requirements and processes for notifying suspected abuse and reporting process
  3. statutory and policy requirements relating to job role
  • organisation standards, policies and procedures.

CHCPRT001 Identify and respond to children and young people at risk - Where can I access the training package?

You can access a copy of the training package here