Allens Training National Conference

Allens Training hosts the National Conference exclusively for our partners and trainers. The conference provides a unique opportunity to meet and network with the Allens Training team, and with Allens Training partners and trainers.

The National Conference brings together from across Australia not only partners and trainers but also other industry experts to discuss the challenges facing the training industry, to inspire solutions, and to highlight opportunities and share resources that will help you build a successful business.

Our conference provides a wide range of activities and workshops to assist you to remain current with your knowledge and skills for delivering your training. Guest presenters who are experts in their fields share their knowledge on topics that can enhance the success of your training and underpin the expansion of your business.

Importantly, the conference is a great opportunity to have fun, and to fulfill most of your annual professional development requirements.

Our 2016 National Conference - 'Focus on Success'

Allens Training National Conference 2016 - 8, 9 and 10 November at Mooloolaba Mantra Beach

This year’s conference filled two packed days with discussions and presentations around the theme ‘Focus on Success’. Our partners, trainers and staff were able to get together to talk about their business and the first aid industry, and to learn from each other and from our industry experts.

A wide variety of presentations and information was delivered over the two days, allowing our trainers to walk away with some fantastic ideas on how to help their training courses benefit their business and their participants. We would like to thank all the speakers, staff, and of course Mantra Mooloolaba Beach, who helped to make this conference such a success.

The input from these individuals and companies ensured a smooth and rewarding event. Feedback from partners and trainers who attended is inspirational, and reaffirms our commitment to working in partnership with our co-providers to ensure we provide an excellent service for our students.

We hope to seeing you all at the next Allens Training National Conference.

Our 2016 Conference Presenters...

Here is a short snippet of the presentations that were delivered over the two days. 

Photos from the 2016 Conference...

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