What is a Partner?

What is a Partner? (Co-Provider)

As a Registered Training Organisation there are clear guidelines and obligations that need to be met. A lot of trainers do not want the challenges or simply cannot afford the investment in becoming an RTO.

Our Allens Training Partner program ensures you can deliver our training courses and qualifications to your clients, without the burden of becoming an RTO.

Our Partner program enables you to run your own successful business. You deliver training under the auspice of Allens Training, whilst we take care of the training resources, materials, and quality auditing practices so we meet our RTO licensing requirements.

Best of all there is no cost involved in becoming a Partner, however there are requirements and guidelines to becoming approved as an Allens Training Partner. We have a Service Level Agreement which covers each parties obligations and commitments to ensuring success.

There is an expectation on Allens Training Partners that they will deliver training to a minimum of 100 students every year. 

We have over 300 training partners delivering a range of courses throughout Australia, so you can be assured of joining a strong network of quality trainers and business’. Most importantly with our support you will never be left on your own.

 Allens Partner or Allens Trainer?

As an Allens Training Partner you are responsible for

As an Allens Trainer you are responsible for

In some cases the Partner and the Trainer will be the same. For example you may operate your own business in a smaller community or regional centre and have no requirement for more employees.

At other times our Partners deliver a wide range of courses and they require additional trainers to deliver training courses for their business.

You will need to indicate your preference as a Partner or Trainer when you complete the application process.