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Partner FAQ's

How many students do I need to be delivering training to?

As a large and support centred RTO there is an expectation that Partners would deliver training to a minimum of 100 students every year

Will the updated first aid training package affect my ability to become a Partner?

The first aid training package has recently changed. The new units are tagged HLTAIDxxxx rather than HLTFAxxxx. There is an additional requirement for trainers wanting to deliver ANY of the new HLTAIDxxxx units. 
The new requirements are as follows.  An assessor must have a current advanced first aid certificate or at least three years’ experience as a health professional, nurse or emergency services provider.
If you have gained the Advanced First Aid certificate, or can provide evidence of the minimum vocational experience you would be able to deliver the new suite of AID units. Some of the new AID units may also require additional certification such as Advanced Resuscitation courses. This can be discussed with you at time of application.
We deliver workshops to assist trainers updating to the new Advanced first aid qualification. It will be mandatory for trainers to meet the above requirements by July 2014 if they wish to deliver first aid training as the old HLTAIDxxx units will no longer be available for delivery to students after that date.

I do not deliver training to children- Do I still require a children's check?

 Yes, whilst you initially may deliver courses within your organisation, we request that all trainers obtain a Working with Children Check in case circumstances change

How do I become a Partner with Allens Training?

The first thing to do is complete our online application form . Once you have completed this form, we will be in touch within 2-3 business days to take you through the next steps. You do need to be qualified in the courses you wish to deliver training.

How much does it cost to become a Partner?

There is no application fee to establish a partnership with Allens Training.  Your only investment will be the purchase of your training resources. 

We do have an expectation that you will deliver training to a minimum of 100 students every year.

What equipment do I need to purchase for the delivery of the training course?

Each course will vary regarding the particular equipment required for the training.  You will need to have the necessary equipment (eg. manikins, defibrillation equipment for First Aid) depending on the course/s you intend to deliver.  We also sell First Aid training equipment if you require this. 

What insurance do I need?

We are not recommending the following insurance companies or policies, but just providing you with their contact details as an option. We make no endorsements or recommendations, nor are we being provided with any commissions. We are just providing you with a contact, all other decisions are yours.

Medisure Indemnity Australia Pty Ltd

Here’s how to get a quote:

1.     Go to  

2.     Go to the online quote section.

3.     Click where it says “click here”

4.     Enter all the details

5.     Click “get quote’

6.     Choose the level of Insurance you require 

7.     Then click “accept quote”

8.     Follow any further prompts


Here’s what to do:

1.      Go to Next hit the “get cover” button. Follow the instructions carefully. [At the question of “Occupation” enter “Accredited Trainer”]. If you accept the indication and entered your credit card details it will take us about 2 working days to respond.

2.      Once your cover request is accepted we will notify you by email to get your Receipt and Certificate of Insurance (COI) by going back on line.

3.      A renewal advice will be sent in 11 months

How long does it take to become a partner?

If you have all your paperwork ready for your application, and we are able to contact your referees straight away our guideline of processing your partner application will be 4-5 business days. 

Do I need a Working with Children Check?

We request all partners have a Working with Children Clearance

Each state has different regulations regarding this and you can find out more information here 

I do not deliver training to Children am I exempt?

We recognise that some trainers only deliver to their organisation. However as circumstances do change we require all approved trainers to obtain a Working with Children Check.

Partner or Co-Provider

 Co-Provider is another term which means the same as Partner

First Aid Instructor or First Aid Trainer?

There is no difference between the terminology for First Aid Partner, First Aid Instructor or First Aid Trainer. Each phrase is interchangeable. 

What is a Partner?