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Partner Checklist

Here is a check list of our requirements to become a Partner with Allens Training. Applications are reviewed in the order they are received and approval is dependant on all requirements being met. Please do not schedule any courses to be delivered under this agreement prior to receiving your trainer approval letter.

Part 1: Submit your application online

Important: The initial online application will require submission of the following information. Incomplete submissions cannot be lodged. We suggest that you have all of the documents ready before starting your application. Hover your mouse over the requirement to get more detailed information regarding what is required and what evidence is suitable.

a) Certificate IV in Training Assessment TAE40110

a. You will be required to submit a copy of both the certificate and the transcript. The transcript is generally issued as a separate page and includes a list of all of the units that have been completed as part of the qualification. This is necessary to determine which electives have been completed. We recommend that you have completed the unit TAELLN401A or TAELLN411.


b) Current qualifications related to the course you wish to deliver

a. Minimum requirements vary depending on the courses you are wanting to deliver. For example, the minimum requirement to deliver HLTAID001 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is the HLTAID006 Provide Advanced First Aid.

b. You may submit qualifications that are higher than the required minimum, for example a practising Paramedic may submit their Diploma of Paramedical Science rather than submitting the required HLTAID006 Provide Advanced First Aid.

c. If you are submitting a qualification (e.g a Certificate II, Certificate III, Certificate IV or Diploma) please ensure you submit a copy of the transcript as well as the certificate.

c) Resume

a.  Please upload a current resume outlining your training and vocational experience

View a sample resume here

d) Evidence of your Industry Experience

a.  Industry Experience needs to highlight your role and responsibilities as they relate to the training you wish to deliver.

b.  You will need to provide industry experience for each course you are applying for.

c.   Some examples may include:

  • Certificate to Practice (Paramedic)
  • Nursing registration 
  • Letter of validation from employer
  • Verification of participation on advisory committees, industry panels etc
  • Job Description plus evidence of current employment


e) 100 Points of Identification

a.       You will be asked to provide personal identity documents that add up to a minimum of 100 points.

b.   Click here to see examples of what is accepted.

f) Working with Children’s Clearance

a. You will need to submit an approved child check clearance before your application is approved.

b.  This is a state requirement, the process may vary from state to state. Information relevant to your state can be obtained from visiting your state website.

c.  This process may take some time. If you have not received your approval at time of submitting your application you will at least need to provide evidence that you have applied for a Working with Children’s check. Evidence may include a receipt as proof of payment.

g) Work Referees/Validation of Experience

a.       You will be required to nominate 2 people to act as referees for your application

b.      A ‘Verification Form’ must be downloaded and given to each of your referees. DOWNLOAD FORM HERE

c.       Your referees must complete ALL sections of the form and return it to you to submit with your application. If a referee is unwilling to complete the form they have the option to complete the ‘’Request to be contacted’’ section, nominating a date and time that they are available to provide a verbal reference.

d.      You must attach the 2 completed forms in order for your application to progress.

e.      Allens Training reserves the right to also contact your nominated referees if required at any stage during the application process.

h) Video evidence of your training delivery

a.       We require a short video of your training delivery. The video should be a MINIMUM of 1 minute in duration. This will be used to assess your training style and provide evidence of adequate communication skills. Please ensure the video you provide is adequate to demonstrate both points above.

b.   We provide video upload options within the application process.   

c.    This video can be completed on a mobile phone.

i) Public Liability Insurance

a.       We require a Certificate of Currency that you have Public Liability Insurance. Most often Insurance companies offer a package deal for Public liabity and Professional Indemnity.

b.      We are unable to recommend or endorse providers of insurance. We can provide the following 2 insurance brokers that can be contacted for quotes:


(**Allens Training has no association with either provider and we receive no financial incentive from either company)


j) Declaration regarding the equipment used in training

a.       You must have suitable equipment relevant to ALL courses you wish to deliver

b.      You are not required to upload a photo of equipment at this stage HOWEVER you may be asked at any time during the application process to provide photographic evidence. You are also required to provide photographic evidence annually with your Professional Development submissions.

Part 2: Sign our service agreement
a) Service Agreement

a.       Each new partner organisation must sign a Service Agreement prior to their application being approved. This agreement sets out the responsibilities of both parties.

b.      An electronic copy of our service agreement will have been emailed to you.

c.       The service agreement must be completed and signed by the authorised person in your organisation.

d.      This agreement can be returned via email to

Part 3: Complete our partner induction
a) Complete our online partner induction program

a.       Once your signed service agreement has been received you will be sent an email containing log in details and instructions on how to access the online induction program

b.      The program contains information on a number of important VET industry issues as well as administration and compliance requirements.

c.       The site also contains a number of short PD courses that may be of interest to you as well. These can be accessed within your online course library.


Part 4: Partner Approval
a) Trainer Approval Letter

a.       Upon completion of your induction program you will become an approved trainer. You will be issued with an ‘’Trainer Approval Letter’’ that lists the courses you are approved to deliver under the agreement.

b.      You are reminded that you must adhere to the administration guidelines at all times during the term of the agreement.

c.       It is recommended that you use information directly from our website in your advertising material. There are strict guidelines that must be adhered to when advertising accredited training. If your advertising falls outside of the suggested samples you must submit the proposed advertising to us for approval PRIOR to it being used.

b) Logo

a.       You will need to provide a copy of your company logo and written authorisation on company letterhead allowing us to use the logo on student certificates for courses you deliver.

b.       Logo must be supplied in any of the following formats: JPEG, TIF, GIF, PNG. We recommend that the logo file includes your contact details to ensure repeat business. We are unable to create logo files for you, or add contact details to a picture logo file. These must be supplied.

c.      If no authorisation is received, the certificates from your courses will be issued with Trainer Name only and no other company details.

c) Follow Up

a.       As part of our continuous improvement we also provide an opportunity for your feedback in our efforts to deliver further support and assistance. You will be contacted after your first course to complete a short survey about your experience with Allens Training. This provides us an opportunity to identify any further assistance that is required.

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